Jane FrazerhurstI’m Jane, and I know the struggle is real.
I am a business-owner, a teacher, a qualified sleep consultant, blogger and mum-of-two.
It was more than five years ago that I was first gifted a Peek-a-Baby wrap. I knew the importance of touch and closeness in early-years development, but found that I simply didn’t have the time (or muscle tone) to carry my baby around constantly. So I resorted to play gyms, blankets on the floor, strollers and passing her over to anyone who visited.
Then I got the wrap. Babywearing meant that I could go about my day-to-day routine and my baby was comfortable, protected and in a safe position.

Babywearing with a toddler
My second baby came along quite unexpectedly, so Peek-a-Baby was a lifesaver when I had two children under two! Keeping up with the demands of a toddler and a newborn was

Taking over Peek-a-Baby
Although my babywearing days are over, I’m passionate about sharing the benefits as I couldn’t have survived motherhood without mine! So earlier this year when I was given the opportunity to takeover Peek-a- Baby, I jumped at the chance. At the time I ran a hugely-successful, online support forum for mums - The Motherhood. I had also just qualified as a sleep consultant and embarked on a mission to help parents get more sleep.
In hindsight, it may have been slightly crazy- given my already hectic workload. In reality, I love it.

Babywearing aligns with my values
Everything about Peek-a- Baby aligns with my own values. The minimalist design was the brainchild of a local midwife on maternity leave back in 2010. She personally sewed every single wrap, until she couldn’t keep up with demand and had to outsource. Peek-a-Baby is based on a traditional stretchy-wrap, which is one of the few carriers which has survived through generations with the design pretty much unchanged. The comfortable, ergonomic design wraps the wearer and baby close together so their centers of gravity are as close as
possible. The vast amount of material ensures that weight is distributed evenly whilst also putting minimal stress on the wearers back and neck.

It’s a tough gig
My babies are now far too big for the wraps, and they keep me on my toes. I still run an online support forum for mums (check out www.themotherhood.co.nz), and I also still work as a sleep consultant. Basically, I’m out to do anything I can to make parenting that little bit easier- because we all know it’s a tough gig!